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Kumkapı the historical district of Istanbul, is the host of The Turkish Armenian Patriarchal building. Surp Asdvadzadzin Patriarchal Curch and at the same time the Annenian Elementary School. The School was established in 1830 by Kazaz Harutyun Amira Bezciyan and has been serving as a highly qualified educational institution for the Armenian Community in Istanbul.

In a Sultan's edict presented to the Patriarch Hovhannes Golod dating 1719 it can clearly be seen that before the Conquer of Istanbul, the Armenian community, which gathered in and around Kumkapı, first built then churches and right beside and near them established their educational institutions. As a result Kumkapı became an educational centre.

In 1780s next to Surp Astvadzadzin Patriarchal Church was the main School building and Artin Bezciyan, who recieved his education in crowded classes in the hard times of the period, also went to that school and aimed to establish a school suitable to the developing conditions if the day, realizing that only educated people can enlighten a society.

Following the year 1789 when the Ottoman Government bestowed official permission, the first county school was established in 1790 with the contributions of Mıgırdich Amira Mihircanyan in Kumkapi Nişanca Fıçıcı Street (the New Asya street) within the bounderies ot the castle. Later as serial fires roam Istanbul, Kumkapı also gets its share and right in the next street on the same block of the School, which had been devestated by the fire in 1826, was built the Lusavorichyan Girl's School in 1840. The street was named 'School' (today's Yeni Hemşire Sokak) and provided education simultanously with the Bezciyan School.

Meanwhile Harutyun Amira Bezciyan realized his dreams and rebuilt the school which had burned in 1826. The new School, named after Harutyun Amira Bezciyan, has been functioning to enlighten the hearts and minds of our children since the day it was established.

The earthquake in Istanbul in 1894 caused some damages to our school as it did to many of the buildings around it. The Patriarch of the Turkish Armenians of the period, Magakya Ormanyan summoned the two of charitable and foremost members of the Armenian community, Hovhannes Tavsanciyan and Atanakine Eknayan. and required help in building the school. As both of the charitable brothers-in-law were Bezciyan graduates, fulfilled The Patriarch Ormanyan's wish and the construction of the school began. The walls which rose in the constuction in 1914, stopped with World War I and the education went on in the Surp Astvadzadzin Patriarchal Cathedral and in the Vortvots Vorodman Church next to it. After a while Hovhannes Tavsanciyan became the victim of a brutal assasination. Against all odds and misfortune, Mr. Tavsanciyan's wife Araksi Tavsanciyan and Atanakine Eknayan completing the duty that was passed down to them, opened up the doors to the students. In 1944 with the permission of the government, the Secondary part of the school started education.



Armenian Patriarch Mağakya ORMANYAN

Since the day it was established until this day. besides the basic knowledge of the primary education. Bezciyan School has enriched the society with many important figures like traders. 

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